I think we all can agree that president Trump is quite the character. He’s a polarizing figure and is very outspoken on many matters. One that interests me specifically is his view on marijuana. Given my views on healthcare, I’m always really interested in our president’s view on marijuana. Unlike many presidents before Trump, he is pretty clear on his opinion of marijuana.

Many other presidents have skated around the issue or given vague answers, not knowing which answer would get them the most votes. Trump didn’t take that route. He states his opinion emphatically.

Trumps Opinion of Marijuana

President Trump boldly states that he thinks the Colorado recreational experiment is a bad move. He is not for recreational cannabis use at all. He is adamant about that. But just because he’s against recreational pot doesn’t mean he’s 100% anti-weed. He’s not. He’s what I call a “halfy.” By being on board with medical marijuana but not recreational, he’s halfway on board the green train.

I’m glad he’s at least halfway on board our green train, which is picking up steam everyday. The last thing we need is a president that’s not on board at all. By getting a “halfy,” we live to fight another day. It’s probably much easier to converted a “halfy” than to convert some conservative who’s staunchly against any kind of marijuana use. That’s a tough nut to crack. Thank goodness President Trump isn’t like that.

Will He Abolish Recreational Marijuana?

The chances of Trump doing away with recreational marijuana are pretty much nil. I don’t think he is interested in taking on that battle. The voters voted it in in each state, so they have earned the right to use marijuana in conjunction with the law they voted in. To go behind the voters’ backs and pull the rug out from under their feet would be morally wrong and also unconstitutional. That’s not a battle Trump should take on. He’s got enough on his hands with taunting North Korea and trying to abolish Obamacare. If he tried to get rid of recreational marijuana too, he would end up scrambling around trying to do everything and getting nothing done.

If you live in a recreational marijuana state and are worried about Trump’s anti-rec position, I hope this article helped quell your fears. States have their own rights and democratic processes. The federal government usually respects the unique laws of each state, as long as they’re not hurting anyone. Recreational marijuana has had a positive impact in many areas. It has increased tax revenue and reduces drug-related violence. There’s not really any grounds for overriding state laws. It would come down to opinion since there aren’t many dramatic statistics to backup the opposing view.

Hopefully our next president will be fully aboard our green train which could have profound effects on our nation as a whole. Many people are waiting for someone they revere and respect to speak up in support of marijuana. For many, that person is the president of the United States, but maybe not this time. A lot of people do not respect Trump, but usually the POTUS is one of the most respected men (and hopefully one day a woman) in America.

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