We need more drugs legalized in the US. Not the kind you’re thinking about. Natural drugs are what will heal the nation.

Pharmaceutical Nightmare

The drugs that are being given to us right now are not good for us. They are highly addictive and do not heal us. The best result is a little temporary relief from your pain. Living a life hooked onto pharmaceuticals is not the way.

There are very few, maybe even zero illnesses that can’t be fixed through your diet. Unnatural drugs are a distraction from what you should be focusing on. We think that synthetic drugs are the only way to fix high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. The list goes on. When you think about it, synthetic drugs don’t fix much. They only treat the symptoms. The only thing that they do a good job with is infections. Those too can be healed with natural methods.

Natural Drugs

The only way to heal yourself is to use natural drugs. The best form of healthcare is living a healthy lifestyle. You can’t depend on for-profit companies to have your best interest at heart. They will always do what they need to do to make their shareholders happy and their pockets fat.

Healing comes from within.

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